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Stainless Steel Surface Finish Type

Finish Thickness Characteristics
No. 1 2.0mm ~12.0mm Surface finished by hot-rolling, annealing and pickling, characterized by white pickled surface.
2B 0.3mm ~3.0mm Finished by heat treatment, pickling after cold rolling, followed by skin pass line to be brighter.
(Bright Annealed)
0.3mm ~1.5mm Processed with bright heat treatment after cold rolling.
No. 4 0.4mm ~3.0mm Polishing with No. 150 to No.180 abrasives. The most popular finishes.
(Hair Line)
0.4mm ~3.0mm Finished by continuous polishing streaks by using abrasive of suitable grain size.
0.4mm ~3.0mm Polishing with No. 150 to No. 180 Scotch-Brite abrasives.

Stainless steel is a metal material which also known as inox steel or inox. Its major feature of resistance to corrosion and staining make it become an ideal base material for a wide selection of applications. The alloy is milled into stainless steel sheet,which is used in cookware, cultery, hardware, surgical instrument, electrical appliances, industrial supplies, construction materials, automotive and aerospace






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ISMER STEEL has been a supplier of quality stainless fittings and equipment to the Stainless LLC since our project began in 2007. Their work is always professional and on time with the completed job being to an exceptional standard. It is rewarding to do business with ISMER STEEL knowing that we will be attended to by a very caring team that notes our needs and over-delivers on expectation.

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