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Description Thickness Width Standard Specification
Galvanized Min0,2mm-Max 3,0mm Min20mm-Max 1500mm DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, S250GD, 2S80GD EN 10142
Prepainted Min0,2mm-Max 1,6mm Min20mm-Max 1500mm DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, S250GD, 2S80GD, S300GD, S320GD, S350GD EN 10169
Cold Min0,2mm-Max 3,0mm Min20mm-Max 1500mm DC01,DC03,DC04,


EN 10130
 Hot Rolled


Min1,0mm-Max 20,0mm Min20mm-Max 2000mm S235, S275, S355 EN 10025
Elettrogalvanized Min0,2mm-Max 3,0mm Min20mm-Max 1500mm DC01+ZE, DC02+ZE, DC03+ZE EN 10152
Alluminized Min0,2mm-Max 3,0mm Min20mm-Max 1500mm DX51D+AS120, DX52D+AS120, DX53D+AS120, DX54D+AS120 EN 10327

All the coils and the tapes can be made by using the

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Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority.


Involvement in and support of the community are at the heart of us.


Structure’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.


We have operated with an unwavering commitment honesty and integrity.


ISMER STEEL has been a supplier of quality stainless fittings and equipment to the Stainless LLC since our project began in 2007. Their work is always professional and on time with the completed job being to an exceptional standard. It is rewarding to do business with ISMER STEEL knowing that we will be attended to by a very caring team that notes our needs and over-delivers on expectation.

Andrew Reilly

Stainless LLC

I’ve been happy with the services provided by ISMER STEEL,Marco has been wonderful! He has returned my inquiries quickly, and he answered all my questions.

Alen Bokšić

Kovová konstrukce, LLC


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